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WEM Warehouse Management

WEM Warehouse Management System Whitepaper Version 2.0 Demands on the modern animal nutrition facility will continue to increase, complexity will continue to expand and even with the best intentions, humans can make mistakes. In order to reach the next level of productivity, a total system approach needs to be made.

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WEM4000 Series Asphalt and Feed Conferences

Watch this space for upcoming announcements of the WEM Automation Asphalt and Feed System training conferences. These popular conferences offer students focused training on individual subject "tracks". Each track is organized into a full day of training sessions with many hands on labs, multi-media presentations, open discussions and job aids.


Attention Wisconsin Electrical Professionals:

The Wisconsin Department of Safety & Professional Services (DSPS) has approved our Troubleshooting track (ID 18862) and has assigned registered attendees 8 hours of continuing education credit toward the following credential types:

  • Industrial Journeyman Electrician License
  • Journeyman Electrician License
  • Master Electrician License
  • Registered Electrician Registration

Due to the popularity of these training sessions, seating becomes limited in some sessions. With registration on a first come first served basis we recommend early registration to insure your selections for a quality learning experience.

Integrated Alarm Corrective Action

Included as a standard feature within the Alarm and Event Reporting module, the Corrective Action feature will be integrated in all WEM4000 Asphalt Control Systems built after January 1, 2017.

The WEM Integrated Alarm Corrective Action feature directs the WEM4000 Control System to display an Active Alarm List screen pop-up when the system senses an alarm.

After an operator highlights an active alarm, then selects the Corrective Action command button, details of the alarm are presented, with suggested response steps. This notification may include:

  • The description and most probable cause of the alarm,
  • Corrective action suggestion(s), and
  • PLC addresses.

After dealing with the alarm, selecting an Accept or Retry command button directs the system to proceed with production.


WEMScript (Veterinary Feed Directive) Traceability Software

Introduced in January of 2017, WEMScript Feed Directive Traceability software provides added functionality in identifying VFD controlled ingredients to the WEM Receiving module. This enables tracking and tracing VFD ingredients plus identifies when formulations require a VFD prior to production runs. WEMScript also meets the 2-year record retention requirements outlined by FDA

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WEM Email for Commodity Management

WEM recently provided an automatic commodity ordering system utilizing email. By monitoring the current usage and inventory the WEM4000 control system automatically generates an email that is sent directly to the ingredient supplier. With this information, as well as anticipated usage and total receipts for the last 8 hours including truck identification, the ingredient supplier can manage the shipment of an ingredient ensuring that the feed mill has the available bin capacity and the required inventory to make feed.

The Flexibility of the WEM4000 Helps Customers’ Mix Quality

WEM Automation and its’ customers are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve efficiencies. In a number of cases, the WEM system is used to improve the quality of their products. One such customer used the flexibility of the WEM4000 Batching system to customize how they batched their feed. They discovered their Hand-Add minerals were not mixing well using their current batching procedure. They determined, through manual test runs, that adding the Hand-Add material into the mixer first created a better quality mix. This mix sequence revision was an easy change to make and resulted in a newly specified mix sequence that created a product with much higher quality.

Upgrading Computers Offers Include Enhanced Software Features

When your computer reaches replacement age, a new computer with your current version of the software can be purchased from WEM Automation. WEM Automation is continuously developing new features for our products. We offer the option of upgrading the system software when replacing a computer for a nominal charge.

The advantages of upgrading to the latest version of the software are that you receive all of the updated features included with the current software version. Additionally, being on a current software platform provides the capability to add new features. Plus the new software comes with a 5-year warranty.

Depending upon the version of the software you are running, some of the features that have been added to the standard systems are:


Multiple ranges dynamic free fall compensation provides three (3) user-defined drop size ranges, eliminating the need to fix the free fall when loading different size trucks. Having multiple ranges for drop size eliminates jogging when switching back to large drop sizes after smaller loads. Less jogging makes for quicker loading and less wear and tear on your equipment.

Price list - provides the ability to provide a discount to a customer based upon an individual mix or job.
You may wish to grant special discounts to a customer for particularly large job or for certain types of mixes but not others. The price list feature lets you build discounts in this manner, based upon either percentage discount or dollars/ton. With this feature, the operator no longer needs to type in the discount for some loads but not others; eliminating mistakes and freeing him up to focus on running the plant.


Restore calibration enables the previous calibration settings for Cold feeders and RAP feeders to be restored. In the event calibration settings were lost or changed, the last calibrations can be restored at the click of a button.

Dust removal rate-setting provides an entry in the drum formula to manage the amount of dust removed during the drying process. Particularly dusty aggregates may require only a portion of the dust removed to be returned to the mix. This feature enables local input, similar to managing moisture content, which will adjust the aggregate flow so AC content is maintained at an exact rate.

For more information about these and other enhancements please contact the WEM Automation Sales Department at WEMSales@wemautomation.com

Phone 262-782-2340.



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