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WEM Automation is a worldwide provider of superior controls and plant automation with extensive experience in the Asphalt industry. In addition to engineering the most technologically advanced automation, WEM is well known for the best service in the industry, 24/7.

Asphalt Process Control - Asphalt Plant 1


These factors have enabled WEM to consistently provide increased efficiency, productivity, and profit for asphalt manufacturers around the globe.


Asphalt Process Control - Control Room Pic


WEM provides advanced yet easy to use systems for batch plants, drum plants, silo loadout, full plant control and data management. WEM also offers complete control houses and motor control centers.

Asphalt Process Control - Control House

All systems include the use of locally available parts for maximum uptime including Allen-Bradley™. PLCs and Dell™. PCs. On-line access insures rapid response in the event help is needed.

Asphalt Process Control - PLC Cabinet

The WEM4000 Asphalt Control system meets the needs of the most demanding customer. Unsurpassed communications to order entry and business systems is just the start of the leading PC/PLC based Asphalt Control system. Based on Windows™. technology the WEM4000 is the most easily operated control available today.

Asphalt Process Control - Manual Panel

Asphalt Process Control

WEM 4000 Series

Batch Plant Control

Drum Plant Control

Cold Feed Control

Silo Load Out Control

Truck Scale Management

WMA Control

RAP Control

Fiber Additive Control

Screen Control of transfer conveyors

Burner Control

Baghouse Control

Remote Printer Kiosk

Integration software

Business Intelligence System (BIS)

Camera integration

RFID Truck Tracking

Control House & e-House

Preconfigured MCC and VFD panels

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