Asphalt Production: Turning Data into Profit$

Turning Data into Profit$ at Your Asphalt Plant

How do we turn all our collected data into information that can improve productivity, reduce costs, and increase efficiency?


Interpreting Your Data

Using analytical tools to interpret data is your solution. Use fact-based decisions to fine-tune your operations and make consistent production of high-quality mix.

Similar to a visit to the doctor and narrowing down the possible diagnosis' by running tests; your Asphalt Plant operations can be monitored in a similar way to identify where your problematic issues are.

Production, material and fuel usage, and waste data can all be monitored and relayed back to your centralized computer control system to give the status at each point in your operation.

A Proven Difference

Now that we have established the sort of data that can be collected, let's visit a few examples of what information can be gathered from your plant.

Mix Production

The amount of material flowing on your belts can be monitored closely and an alarm can alert when there is too much or too little of material. An analysis of various material flow and system fault alarms can be a strong tool in helping to maximize your up time. It can be a helpful indicator of where to focus your efforts on plant repairs and maintenance.

AC Usage

Using analytical data to monitor your AC target versus actual readings is an essential tool for cost and quality control. Utilizing plant data and referencing lab comparisons on a regular basis, with easy to generate and interpret reporting tools, can be a game changer for many plant owners.


It's everyone's favorite place to start when looking to save dollars, but how do we take what we see and use it to make appreciable changes in our handling and generation of waste. The key is consistent, verifiable information. If we can display a consistent and significant pattern to our operations team via plant production data, the mission to reduce waste can then become a reality by forming goals the whole team can strive towards.

Connecting the Dots

To make consistent high-quality mix, it is essential for asphalt producers to make informed data-based decisions. By effectively using your plant data and checking your plant's overall performance the task at hand is achievable.

You can quickly check your plants overall performance, at a glance, with WEM Analytics, and easy-to-use web-based tool created to organize data and drive continuous improvement opportunities through various operational dashboards of real-time and historic data. Each dashboard graphically displays high-level metrics for every operation with the ability to drill down to specific details across any time span.

Whether your function is in operations, quality, the lab, or corporate, having the right information immediately available to drive educated decisions is key - WEM Analytics can help by taking the guesswork out of the equation.

Do You Have Questions?

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