Asphalt Preconfigured Panels

"WEM offers a broad line of pre-configured MCC & VFD panels. Discrete wired or ethernet solutions enable operators to have complete control, provide advanced troubleshooting, and advanced integration for energy monitoring."

Motor Control – Operation

WEM Control systems can include advanced motor control options. This may include the starting and stopping of all motors, control of process related components and control of variable speed drives.

An authorized operator, successfully logged into the system, may operate key devices ‘manually’ by using the graphic display and a mouse to ‘point and click’ the start / stop buttons on this display.

LG WEB Motor Panel

Motor Control – Service & Maintenance

A security protected maintenance screen is available to aid in the testing, troubleshooting and maintenance of key plant equipment.  The ability for an authorized service person to momentarily "bump" a motor or to place a component in manual control mode can mean quicker repairs and faster integration of replacement components.

User login password controls the access to specialized screens and enables operators, service staff, and engineers to securely work together on the system resources.  The system tracks users who have logged on.

LG WEB Maint Panel

Motor Current Monitoring

Current monitoring ammeters that may be included in the WEM Control system support an effective and convenient way to arrange motor amperage alarms and shutdown configuration displays.

LG WEB Amps Panel
"WEM can provide complete MCC & VFD starter panels that are pre-configured, reducing start-up time and field electrical costs."

Preconfigured Motor Control Centers (MCC)

Motor Control Centers (MCC) include everything needed to control all motors and devices for any plant. This includes variable speed drives, soft starts and disconnects as needed. Main circuit breakers, electronic overloads and auto/manual switches are included with each system as needed. Only the highest quality brand names are used.

WEM will also provide specific brands to match a specific request. If ordered with a control house, the MCC will be completely installed. Bottom entry MCC’s and floor trays provide convenient access of all wiring. Main and ground buses are provided and linked as needed.

The units are NEMA 1 enclosures including circuit breaker disconnects. Shown here is an example of a typical 'full plant' Drum Control system which would be integrated with Wonderware™ graphic displays for on screen control of plant devices.

MCC photo

For More Details:

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