Pet Food Grinding


Increase Grinding production up to 30%.

The WEM Grinding & Flaking Control is designed to maximize the capacity of your hammer mills & flakers. It can also be configured to keep your processed grain bins full, even when processing more than one whole grain.  

The WEM Control will also monitor all critical aspects of the system, protecting your equipment. You can expect years of trouble free performance due to the exceptional design of the system combined with WEM Service, the leading service support group in the industry.

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Scheduling of available automatic grinding or flaking operations will review current production needs and determine what material is to be used. This will assure a constant supply of raw materials to the batching process.

"The WEM Automatic Grinding and Flaking Controls keep material bins full and assure maximum electrical efficiency."

In both pre-grind and post-grind stages the grinding module keeps track of all production lot numbers. This assures automatic and accurate traceability in all areas of an operation.

The WEM exclusive unattended operation can include remote alarming. This feature will dial a remote telephone number or send a text message to alert the operator or manager about an alarm situation. This will enable action to be taken so continuing availability of ground or flaked material is assured.

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