Pet Food

To meet the needs of pet owners, you require an automation and
controls expert who can help you meet the challenging quality and
production demands of the market, both now and in the future.
WEM is the proven expert.

For more than six decades, WEM has provided controls for animal nutrition facilities that meet the demands and standards of an ever-changing industry.

At WEM Automation, we understand the importance placed on consistent quality and safety by pet owners when choosing a brand of pet food.  Rely on WEM’s experience to create control systems that ensure pet food manufacturing is under control – and always in compliance with industry standards.

Hungry labrador retriever is feeding at home.

Experience in this field enables us to understand the demands of the industry. Innovation and advancements in technology provide us the tools needed to meet these demands.

Being aware of your requirements, WEM solutions account for every detail needed today, and are best prepared to meet the standards of tomorrow.

Whether expanding or optimizing an existing operation, or building a new greenfield facility, WEM is prepared to embrace the challenge and apply our years of industry experience to your need.


  • Rail and truck receiving to raw material transfer and storage.
  • Liquids and solids.
  • A batching system well-suited to dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of ingredients and formulations.
  • Organic and medicated interlocking to ensure quality.
  • Built in KPI, SPC data collection and reporting software is available.

WEM has the engineering capability and industry knowledge to design and build a system that interfaces with a preferred equipment supplier or controls the entire process.

Exacting solutions

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