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WEM Automation supplies complete operator control structures and Motor Control Centers (MCC). All these products can be providied individually or as a complete package tailored to meet your individual requirements.

Operator Control Structures are designed to meet the exact specifications for each installation. They may include just the operator controls and office area – or incorporate Motor Control Centers and Drives in the same structure. All electrical needs, lighting, air handling units, transformers, and cabinets are incorporated as needed.

Each structure is constructed of quality steel frames and siding.

Whether stationary or portable, single or split level, large or small, WEM can develop the best fit for every plant need.

"WEM Control Rooms can be supplied with the Control System preinstalled and configured to reduce on-site electrical cost and time."

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Operator Control Structures

An Operator Control Structure from WEM provides an integrated control room for housing the WEM control system PC's and Monitors, while acting as the primary process control area for the site.

This facility may include wrap around desks, cabinets, plus in-floor wiring ducts for routing of control and network cables.

It provides high visibility of the site through the use of wrap-around windows above the control desk.


Motor Controls – Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) Panels

Motor Control Centers (MCC) from WEM provide an assembly of one or more enclosed sections having a common power bus that houses motor control units. They may contain VFD drives, programmable controllers and Soft Starters.


Motor Controls – E-House Structures

WEM Automation can provide prefabricated walk-in modular structures to house electrical switchgear, auxiliary equipment and various plant wide motor controls. This may include the operator control room as a single structure – or provided separately as a secondary standalone structure.

"WEM Control Rooms and E-Houses meet local and State Building Codes to ensure compliance."

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