The Asphalt Plant of the Future – Revealed at WOA

MILWAUKEE - WEM Automation, LLC is bringing the Asphalt Plant of the Future to the 2022 World of Asphalt show in Nashville, TN.

WEM, known for automation and control systems, will have a simulated set of controls displayed at the World of Asphalt, booth 3461, that pave the way for future asphalt plant controls.

A pioneer, dating back over 65 years in automation and control system advancements, WEM has embraced Industry 4.0 and adopted IoT (Internet of Things) integration into its asphalt controls. With this integration comes the use of sensors and data collection. By collecting data from these sensors and interpreting it in a user-friendly, easy-to-read format, informed operational decisions to improve profitability can be made promptly.

Another advancement of WEM controls is waste management. Whether it be in the form of start-up waste or waste due to out of specification mix - WEM has created solutions to common problems for plant owners and operators to reduce waste. Reducing waste and material usage will increase cost savings and your bottom line.

Sustainability was the topic of conversation at this year's NAPA Annual Meeting. WEM prides itself with being ahead of the curve with Wisconsin forward-thinking and has control system software that can monitor energy usage. The future of the asphalt industry will depend upon how sustainable it can prove to be. WEM controls stand up to the task.

Join WEM on Wednesday, March 30th at 4pm for an in-booth (#3461) reception with complimentary beer. All are invited to learn more about WEM controls and the Asphalt Plant of the Future.

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