Pet Food Extrusion


WEM understands the uniqueness of the Pet Food production process and critical process needs, such as extruders. Our knowledge is as profound as our commitment to innovation.

Consumers demand their pet food contain an ever increasing number of ingredients, colors, shapes, and appetizing flavors.  Pet food owners demand the highest quality pet food, with the highest nutritional value, that is also visually appealing.

To meet this challenge, you need equipment with broad capabilities and flexible controls.  At WEM Automation, we understand the importance placed on consistent quality and safety by pet food owners, and it has driven us to design innovative controls for extrusion.

"Solutions to improve quality, safety, and return on investment (ROI)."

The extruder of any pet food plant is a critical piece of equipment that ultimately controls both throughput and quality of the end product.

WEM has the engineering capability and industry knowledge to design and build a system that interfaces with a preferred equipment supplier or control the entire process.

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Hamster food

"At WEM we measure our success by our customers' success."

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