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At WEM we understand that being your control partner means more than just selling you a control system.

The WEM4000 Pellet Mill Control system is the key to producing superior pellets that will satisfy your customers.  “Drag and drop” functionality makes each operator a pelleting expert.  Our solution integrates with your business system via our WEMSpeak communication tool  to automatically share critical operational data. You can expect years of trouble free performance due to the exceptional design of the system combined with WEM service, the leading service support group in the industry.

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Standard Features Include:


  • Automatic & manual control of pellet mills, including numerous customizations to optimize pellet mill performance
  • Wet and Dry Choke detection and recovery
  • Pelleting queue for multiple pelleting runs to increase production
  • Programmable Ramps, as many as desired, for hot or cold starts
  • Set Points for amperage and temperature entered and stored by formula, as well as multiple pellet mills
  • Trending Charts, both real-time & historical
  • Last Run setup
  • Bump Up setpoints
  • Fines mode
  • Log reports
  • Track & Trace feature, assures compliance with Bio-Terrorism Act of 2002, FSMA and Internal Standards
  • Automatic control of downstream liquid application
  • Medicated interlocking and sequencing eliminates cross contamination

The WEM4000 Pelleting control automates all aspects of the pelleting process. This includes source and destination routing, liquid application at the mill or at downstream applicators, medicated interlocking, sequencing and advanced cooler control.

Sophisticated algorithms are used to prevent choking of the pellet mill while maintaining optimal productivity. Our goal is to increase efficiency and improve your bottom line. Pellet quality and consistency will increase and pellet fines will be reduced.

Eliminate cross contamination of finished feed with the medicated interlocking and sequencing feature. Flushing of the system can be automatically accommodated to guarantee product quality.

Track and trace functionality is fully integrated with the Batching and Finished Feed shipping modules providing system accuracy.

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Performance Enhancements:


  • Lot Code tracking
  • Advanced inventory control
  • WEM Mobile solutions
  • Major & minor scales with two speed feeders
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  • Metered liquids into the mixer
  • Hand Add dump gates
  • Multiple mixers automatically controlled
  • Automatic & manual controls for scale and ingredient bin vibrators
  • WEM Maintenance Manager
  • Distributed alarms

For More Details:

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