Pet Food Batching


The most flexible system in the industry contributes to WEM's position as the global authority in process controls.

WEM batching systems are time-proven and robust, yet flexible enough to be tailored to customer needs.

The WEM Batching Control automation optimizes production, accuracy and quality by utilizing time tested software that is the result of decades of product evolution.

The system may include a simple to use ingredient and production lot code traceability tracking feature for both forward and backward reporting to help meet the demands of the Bio-terrorism Act of 2002.

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Standard Features Include:


  • Simple to use Order Grid
  • Medicated or Organic interlocks
  • Formulated ingredient substitutions
  • Bin switching
  • Batch Pause & Resume
  • Hand Adds, Full Bag calculation
  • Automatic bin level checking
  • Load size optimization
  • Scale and Mixer parameters per formula
  • Destination bin inventory
  • Automatic flushing
  • Dynamic freefall compensation
  • Multiple bin draw
  • Pending and Active formula option
  • Variable jog
  • Automatic batch calculation
  • Automatic control of metered liquids
  • User configurable parameter selection

The WEM Batching Control System is the cornerstone of your facilities’ automation system.  The WEM Control offers unparalleled accuracy and speed providing optimal performance. The easy-to-use operator interface features automated graphics and “drag and drop” capability.  The WEM Batching Control is rich in features and functionality.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) track and analyze plant performance. Trends by ingredient, formula, bin, shift, week, month plus other measures can be identified at the click of a button. Was the issue resolved? Has it reoccurred? How well is the plant performing? All these questions and more are answered with WEM’s KPI solution.

The formulated ingredient substitution feature supports the exchange of selected materials, guaranteeing on-time delivery of orders with the exact nutrition specified.

WEM Automation delivers the technology, software solutions and service to meet all your batching and mixing needs.

"Batching so quickly it almost feels continuous."

Performance Enhancements:


  • Hand Add prompting
  • Bag Label printers
  • WEM mobile solutions
  • WEM Whiteboard
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  • Advanced Inventory Control
  • Advanced Hand Add prompting and Micro-Ingredient Management System
  • Bar Code scan option
  • Lot Code tracking
  • WEM Maintenance Manager
  • Distributed alarms
Click on the image for a closer look.
Click on the image for a closer look.

"At WEM we measure our success by our customer's success."

For More Details:

Contact us for more information on the WEM4000 Pet Food Batching Control System.

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