Feed Loadout

The WEM4000 loadout system will interface with your feed ordering
system to assure all orders are accurately completed.


WEM was the first company to provide an automated truck loading system - and we continue to be the best.  Our solution maintains an up to the minute finished feed inventory, providing details of what has been shipped and what remains to be shipped.  You can expect years of trouble free performance due to exceptional design of the system, combined with WEM service, the leading service support group in the industry.  

Fast and accurate truck loading.

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The WEM4000 Loadout application has been proven to load trucks faster and more accurately than any other system, while maintaining complete accuracy.

Load Out Truck Photo

Standard Features:

  • Fast, accurate and fully automatic, decreases loading time.
  • Download orders from your feed order system or ERP, reducing data entry time and errors.
  • Redistribute loads with a click of the mouse.
  • Driver operated loadout, optimizes labor.
  • Track and Trace from mill to farm bin.
  • Medicated sequencing for trucks.
  • Control loading errors.


This highly configurable application can be tailored so either the driver or loadout operator has control, while complying with a wide range of unique environments. The WEM Loadout will accept orders from a feed order and delivery system, locally entered orders, or entry of an order “on the fly” by the truck driver.

WEM maintains standard interfaces for all
common feed order systems or can provide
custom interfaces.

Load out and driver photo


The transaction records and detailed ticketing that are generated include all information required to meet commercial and regulatory mandates. This includes Track and Trace, as required by the Bio-Terrorism Act of 2002.

A medicated interlocking feature blocks non-compatible loads from following each other. Truck flushing and sequencing feeds prevent cross contamination. Additionally the application can be configured to automatically load the oldest feed first.

WEM Automation delivers the technology, software solutions and service to meet all your loadout needs.

Performance Enhancements:

  • Lot Code tracking.
  • Advanced inventory control.
  • WEM Mobile solutions.
  • Precision positioning of lorry devices, including Laser Positioning.
  • Material blending at the truck.
  • RFID tag reading.
  • WEM Whiteboard.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI).



For More Details:

Contact us for more information on the WEM4000 Feed Mill Loadout Control System.

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