Feed & Grain Grinding


The WEM4000 Control system monitors all critical aspects of the grinding operation to protect your equipment.

The WEM4000 Grinding and Flaking Control has been designed to maximize the capacity of your Hammer Mills and Flakers. It can be configured to keep Grain Bins full, even when processing multiple whole grains.

Due to the exceptional design of the system you can expect years of trouble free performance. Add WEM Service, the leading service support group in the industry to that, and your operation is covered.

Increase Grinding Production up to 30%.

Standard Features Include:


  • Supports unattended operation to maximize throughput
  • Automatic keep full system to increase energy efficiency
  • Automatic over & under load protection to optimize grinding schedules
  • Eliminate waiting for ground or flaked materials
  • PC/PLC open architecture

The WEM4000 automatic grinding and flaking controls keep material bins full while maintaining maximum electrical efficiency.

Scheduling of available automatic grinding or flaking operations will review current production needs to determine what material is to be used. This process will maintain a constant supply of raw materials for the batching operation.

In both pre-grind and post-grind stages the grinding module keeps track of all run lot numbers to provide automatic and accurate traceability in all areas of an operation.

The WEM exclusive unattended operation can include remote alarming. This feature will dial a remote telephone number or send a text message to alert an operator or manager about an alarm situation. This will enable them to take action so continuing availability of ground or flaked material is assured.


Production Enhancements:


  • Programable set point ammeters
  • Hammermill trending charts for hammermill performance evaluation
  • WEM Maintenance Manager software for preventative maintenance scheduling
  • Automatic alarming to remote locations or mobile devices
  • Automatic sequencing of source and destination bins
  • Integration with WEM Mobile Solutions
  • WEM Whiteboard
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  • Standard & custom interfaces
Click on the image for a closer look.
Click on the image for a closer look.

For More Details:

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