Asphalt Silo Loadout


The WEM4000 Asphalt Silo Loadout Control is an advanced, yet easy to use system for automatic silo loadout applications. Configurable by the user, the system will adapt to a wide variety of silo and scale types.

Simultaneous operation from multiple scales and other plant applications provides maximum productivity and efficiency.

Automatic inbound and outbound ticketing, as well as manual ticketing capabilities, are included with every system.

Multiple ticket formats, customizable reports, user configurable graphics plus many other features provide the flexibility needed in an ever-changing industry.

Communicating with your business management system is a breeze with built-in data transfer utilities included with every system.

The WEM4000 controls are PC/PLC based systems with standard off-the-shelf parts providing maximum uptime and productivity.

"Unsurpassed accuracy with optimum efficiency."

Standard Features Include:


  • Single or double load out systems
  • Each truck scale supports up to six silos
  • Truck loadout (Positive weigh) – scale indicates gain in weight as silo discharges
  • Silo loadout (Negative weigh) – scale indicates loss in weight as silo discharges
  • Batcher loadout (Positive weigh) – scale indicates gain in weight at the batching hopper
  • Loadout diagnostics – real time display of all controlled input and output activities
  • Silo level indication
  • Loadout pause/resume
  • Loadout scale hold
  • Truck in place
  • Handbook 44 weight indicators – NIST Compliance
  • Multi-range freefall compensation
  • Loadout ticket printing
WEM Asphalt Load Out Appl Photo
Options Include:


  • Hardwired manual controls
  • Third party loadout systems and ERP interfaces
  • Remote ticket printing
  • Bar Code and RFID truck identification
  • Camera integration
Click on the image for a closer look.
Click on the image for a closer look.

For More Details:

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