To meet the needs of Aquaculture, you require an Automation & Controls supplier who can help you meet the challenging quality and production demands of the market, both now and in the future.

For more than six decades, we have controlled animal nutrition facilities around the globe to meet the demands and standards of an ever-changing industry.

At WEM Automation, we understand the importance placed on consistent quality and the unique challenges to producing aquafeed.

Feeding an expected global population of 9 billion by 2050 is a daunting challenge, and aquaculture will be a large part of the solution.

Over the past decade, aquaculture has been the fastest growing segment of protein production. To keep up with this growth producers of aquafeed need a flexible and innovative partner to meet their production, quality, and cost objectives.

WEM has the engineering capability and industry knowledge to design and build a system that interfaces with a preferred equipment supplier or control the entire process.



  • Rail & Truck Receiving to Raw Material Transfer and Storage
  • Liquids & Solids
  • A Batching System well-suited to Dozens, Hundreds, or even Thousands of Ingredients & Formulations
  • Formula Driven Extrusion Controls for the wide range of Aquafeed
  • Built-in KPI, SPC Data Collection & Reporting Software is available

Experience gives us the tools to understand the demands of the industry.  Innovation enables us to meet these demands by using the newest advancements in technology.

By immersing ourselves in the details, WEM solutions account for every detail needed today…and are best prepared to meet the standards of tomorrow.

Whether expanding or optimizing an existing operation or building a new greenfield facility, WEM is prepared to embrace the challenge and apply our years of industry experience.

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aquafeed feeding fish
Aquafeed shrimp feed pellets
Aquafeed fish farm aerial photo

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