Asphalt Baghouse Control


An important part of an Asphalt plant is the Baghouse. It is critical for meeting strict emission standards, directly impacts plant efficiency, and can affect quality of the mix when not working properly.

WEM Automation’s unparalleled experience and knowledge of Drum Controls has enabled a wide range of producers to make the highest quality mix at the most cost effective and efficient manner possible.  An important part of any asphalt plant is the baghouse, as it is critical in meeting strict emission standards, it directly impacts plant efficiency, and can affect quality of the mix if not working properly.

Standard Features Include:


  • Magnehelic pressure gauge used for differential pressure monitoring
  • Blower motor control
  • Motor current monitoring
  • Automation of dust return system
  • Pulsing of air in baghouse to maintain proper airflow and cleaning of bags
  • Full remote support by WEM

No other automation company can control your entire plant like WEM.

Any WEM4000 Asphalt Control system can be equipped with baghouse control.

Complete plant controls can provide custom controls and displays for the baghouse controls – including differential pressure monitoring, pulse controls, blower and damper controls, motor current monitoring, and automation of dust return systems and metering.

As with all WEM systems, remote access, communication utilities and 24/7 superior service are standard.

The WEM4000 Asphalt controls are PC/PLC based systems with standard off-the-shelf parts providing maximum uptime and productivity.

lg baghouse screen

"Baghouse Control is critical for plant efficiency, meeting emission standards, and maintaining quality."

For More Details:

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