Asphalt Truck Scale Management

The WEM4000 Truck Management System provides the tools needed
to efficiently manage inbound and outbound ticketing.


Whether shipping, receiving, or manually creating tickets, the WEM4000 system provides control of material and traffic, maximizing throughput.

Demonstrated performance

Multiple ticket formats, customizable reports, plus many other features provide the flexibility needed to keep trucks moving.

Remote ticketing, camera integration plus many other hardware options provide complete operational management.

Communicating with your business management system is a breeze with built-in data transfer utilities included with every system.


The WEM4000 Asphalt Truck Scale Management System is a PC based system with standard off-the-shelf parts providing maximum uptime and productivity.

Standard Features Include:

  • One truck scale.
  • Pre-configured parameters.
  • Handbook 44 weight indicators compliant to NIST standards.
  • Relay control module to automatically enable horns, lights and other external devices.
  • Ticket printing.
  • Precise management of production and inventory.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Superior data integration.

Options Include:

  • Multiple scales.
  • User-configured parameters.
  • Remote ticketing.
  • Camera integration.
  • Bar Code and RFID identification of trucks.
Click on the image for a closer look.
Click on the image for a closer look.

For More Details:

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