Asphalt Drum Control


The WEM4000 Asphalt Drum Control can be tailored to meet all aspects of a blending process including a warm mix.

WEM Automation’s extensive experience and knowledge of drum plants has enabled a wide range of producers to manufacture the highest quality mix at the most cost effective and efficient manner possible.

The WEM4000 Drum Control can be tailored to meet all aspects of a blending process including warm mix, RAP, additives, and more. Full plant control options provide complete operational control and management of an entire facility.

Customizable reports display precise information of material usage and inventory, while process trending will pinpoint monitoring and management of mix quality.

"At WEM precision automation and process controls meet superior data management."

Standard Features Include:


  • The baseline drum system provides calibrated control of cold feed aggregates, eight standard
  • One liquid Asphalt Cement (AC) to the drum
  • Allen-Bradley™ PLC controls, one PC with Wonderware™ graphical displays
  • SQL Server Database™, reporting functions
  • Unlimited mix design storage
  • Material mix design tolerance
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) maintains power on computer after loss of electrical power
  • Full remote support by WEM

The WEM 4000 Asphalt Drum Control system is available with many standard configurations, or it can be custom configured and expanded to fit the exact needs of a specific site.  

Because of this flexibility, the WEM system can satisfy individual plant control needs, with various base systems set up to cover the most common plant configurations.

As with all WEM systems, remote access, communications utilities and 24/7 superior service are standard.

The WEM4000 Asphalt Drum controls are PC/PLC based systems with standard off-the-shelf parts providing maximum uptime and productivity.

Plote Const Franklin Park W16632
Options Include:


  • Multiple aggregate (Cold Feed) bins feeding a weigh belt scale
  • Multiple Recycled Asphalt Product (RAP) and Shingles (RAS) bins feeding a weigh belt scale
  • Multiple Asphalt Cement (AC) tanks, “tank farm”, feeding into a scale or metered flow
  • Dry additives such as Mineral, Fiber, and Dust
  • Moisture content compensation
  • Liquid additives
  • WMA control
  • AC temperature compensation
  • Display and input of moisture content from moisture sensors with 4-20mA signals to WEM
  • Full plant controls (customized control and graphics for bag houses, fans, pumps, etc.)
  • Motor current monitor (on screen display of key motor current draw – includes transducer)
  • Motor Control Center (MCC custom to plant design – with or without building structure)
  • Operator Control Center (building structure housing operator control center – custom to plant)
  • WEM4000 Maintenance Manager (cumulative usage or production checkpoints trigger preventative maintenance work orders)
  • Business Intelligence Server (BIS)
  • Burner control
  • Baghouse control
  • Tachometers with connectors
  • Printer for the drum system reports and work orders
  • Flow meters
  • Scale meters
  • Manager’s PC (optional on line PC for report use and live backup / redundancy)
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