Pet Food Advanced Control System Security


WEM's Advanced Control System Security Software supports Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMPs) and is Compliant to the FDA General Requirements Applying to Records (21 CFR 507.202).

Generate Audit Reports

Advanced Control System Security can be configured to match Critical Control Points (CCP’s) to automate control plans and provide logged documentation to support internal and external audits1 — tracking approvals and over-rides.


"Choose technology to ensure maximum security for your control system."

Multi-Level Protection

Control and track individual users by functional area, task, and approval level.

This security software works with a variety of different technologies so you can pick the right solution for your organization.

Highly Configurable

This security software is highly configurable, enabling you to design a security system that meets your unique requirements.

Configuration can be set up for Operators, Supervisors, and Managers to match internal procedures and policies.

How It Works
  • Choose a method to identify individual employees or groups of employees
    • PIN code, RFID, Biometrics or Bar Code; each provide unique identification
  • Assign authorization to perform specific functions to individuals or a group of individuals
    • Edit a formula
    • Create a new order
    • Delete an order
    • Start a batch
    • Acknowledge specific alarms
Advanced Control System Security helps control Pet Food quality and ensures maximum security.

1The Audit Report shows the Time, PC origination, User, and Function enabling you to know who did what and when.

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