WEM Automation has the most complete offering when it comes to Traceability for your production facility. WEM offers three tiers of Track & Trace software to meet the Industry's simplest to most complex requirements.

Even before regulatory guidelines for the Bioterrorism Act or FSMA were put in place, animal nutrition manufacturers were partnering with WEM to deliver simple, effective and accurate lot tracking solutions.  Over the past several years WEM has expanded its line of Track & Trace solutions to meet the most exacting demands of the industry.  The three Traceability modules (TT-1, TT-2™, and TT-3™) WEM has available will track individual ingredient lots from the point of entry into the mill to the delivery truck and all the way to the farm bin.

Forward and backward tracing of both individual ingredients and finished feed production lots is easily accomplished and in record time.  Mock recalls completed by WEM clients provide proof that lots can be traced in minutes with the WEM Traceability Module rather than hours or days.

When the unfortunate event such as a recall occurs, a simple click of the mouse will direct the WEM Traceability Module to quarantine individual lots and all finished product containing the recalled lot, automatically.  The WEM Traceability Module can be an integral part of any WEM Process Control Modules to yield unequalled documentation, traceability, and feed safety peace of mind.

WEM offers three tiers of Track & Trace software:


Traceability with out the complexity. Designed for integrated and market mill, and animal nutrition facilities with simple manual entry or interfaces to standard ERP systems.


Extend traceability to include automated receiving of bulk and bag materials through the use of bar code readers. Track individual bags throughout a manufacturing facility, an improved hand-add prompt system, plus a platform of mobile solutions.


WEM TT-3™ has been tailored for the highest requirements of lot code tracking typically found in premix feed mills, pet food, and food production. The software includes all of the features of WEM TT-1™ and WEM TT-2™.

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