Pet Food Receiving

Whether you receive material manually, automatically, or fully
integrated with your ERP — WEM has a solution to meet your needs.

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The WEM Receiving Control System is the automated solution that has proven to unload trucks faster and automatically route material accurately while maintaining detailed lot tracking for exacting traceability.

The formulated ingredient substitution feature supports the exchange of selected materials, guaranteeing on-time delivery of orders with the exact nutrition specified.

WEM Automation delivers the technology, software solutions and service to meet all your batching and mixing needs.

Where technology meets data control.

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This module accepts orders from a purchase order system, locally entered purchases or entry of orders “on the fly” by the truck driver using automatic identification.

The WEM Receiving Control System is the first step in achieving instantaneous, accurate and documented inventory.  The interface with your purchasing and production departments assures that you will know what is on order or if you are short any ingredients for your scheduled production.

Unattended operations with optional automatic interface and RFID enable unloading without an attendant. Receipts can be processed 24 hours per day while retaining complete track and trace data acquisition.

Complete records plus detailed ticketing are generated that include all information required to meet commercial and regulatory requirements.

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The WEM Receiving Control System will automatically capture scale weights and record them using a “legal for trade” weighing system.  The system automatically prompts for quality data at just the right moment in the receiving process to assure all quality records are complete.

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Standard Features Include:

  • Quickly process truck, rail, liquid and bagged receipts.
  • Pre-selected destinations to eliminate contamination.
  • Complete inventory control.
  • Track and trace all incoming ingredient lot codes to meet regulatory requirements.
  • Data transfer to and from purchasing system to reduce data entry time.
  • Bar Code and RFID technology to reduce labor and errors.
  • Photo ID for electronic truck and rail identification.
  • PC/PLC open architecture.
  • Save money with unattended receiving.

WEM Automation delivers the technology,
software solutions and service to meet
all your receiving needs.

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