By working together with WEM Automation, crop nutrition can be dialed in to exactly what you need - field by fields.

Our most advanced blending controls have been used in animal nutrition for over 65 years. Several decades ago, we took our blending expertise and applied it to fertilizer.

Today, WEM is the leader in automating dry fertilizer blend towers.

Fertilizer agriculture


Experience gives us the tools to understand the needs of the industry.  Innovation enables us to meet these needs by using the newest advancements in technology.

By immersing ourselves in the details, WEM solutions account for every facet needed today…and are best prepared to meet the increasing standards of tomorrow.

Reduce shrinkage and increase profits at your facility.  Automation delivers consistent quality and accurate records.

WEM Software is built to your exacting needs including:

  • Creating & Managing Formulations
  • Configuring Batch Sequences
  • Collecting Detailed Batch & Production Data
  • Monitoring Ingredient Use & Inventory
  • Receiving – Manual or Automatic
  • Bulk Dry or Liquid Ingredients
  • Confirm Shipment Quantity with Purchase Orders
  • Inventory Management
  • Conditioner Controls
  • Tower System Controls & Mixers
  • Reclaim System Controls
  • Human-Machine Interface & Office Integration
  • ERP Integration – For Billing & Accounting
  • Ticketing & Scaling systems
  • Made in the USA - UL 508A Panel Shop

WEM systems use proven PLC controls for automation control, and PC-based software with a SQL database backbone to keep track of all your production records.  Data retention systems are configured by WEM to meet all industry requirements.

WEM can also interface with your company’s agronomy software to provide a completely integrated solution, eliminating clerical errors and increasing throughput by reducing wait time.  

WEM Automation has a number of existing ERP interfaces that can meet your needs.

WEM Software engineering has the capability and industry knowledge to design and build a system that interfaces with an existing equipment supplier or controls the entire process.

FC Bayard Fretilizer W16810 A

Designed and manufactured in New Berlin, WI (USA), WEM Automation systems are backed with our own engineers and field service technicians for superior startup services.

The user-friendly system is simple to use and has a graphical user interface (GUI) that shows the entire blending and batching process.

WEM offers both remote and on-site support. Telephone and remote support is done by our own USA based staff.

Our 24/7 emergency support is staffed with live operators, so you will always talk with a dedicated, knowledgeable person.

  • Dry Blend Fertilizer
  • Liquid Fertilizer / Chemical
  • Mix Plants
  • Premix Tanks
  • Truck / Rail / Bag / Barrel Receiving
  • Loadout - Attended or Unattended Using RFID
A colorful expanse of slow release fertiliser pellets with a shallow DOF, leaving a large are of defocussed pellets for placement of Copy. Canon Eos 5d mk 2.
mineral fertilizer
Click on the image for a closer look.
Click on the image for a closer look.

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