Asphalt Data Integration


WEM's ability to implement standard and custom interfaces provides a completely integrated solution reducing the labor for duplicate entry and the chance of error.

The WEM Asphalt Control System offers a variety of methods and formats to communicate with other computers.

A feature of extreme importance when evaluating any control systems is the capability to easily "interface" -  to transfer business information from and to the front office management systems.  The uniformity of this interface throughout the control, including the availability of software to bridge that gap between these sites is one of the most valuable assets available to a WEM customer.


All data and information, including receiving, batching and loadout records can be made available to other systems.  

This information may be stored and edited through a Data Manager database management application.  This ODBC compliant database can exchange data with most systems. Data transfers are available on a "cumulative" batch basis upon request of another computer or optionally, available on an "individual transaction"  real time basis. Data transfers in no way interrupt the operational efficiency of the WEM Control System, thus enabling the plant production to continue interruption free during data transfer.

WEMSpeak Interface - Data Transfer

The WEMSpeak utility application is available on every WEM system and provides the tools to exchange information with external programs and utilities. It is used for all WEM customers who plan to transfer data to and from a WEM control system, and a "front office" system. A typical screen used to create a user defined data transfer template is shown here. This template supports the ability to customize a specific data interface.

WEMSpeak Screenshot Photo 1
WEM ERP & Financial Software Integration

The design flexibility of the WEM Asphalt Control system and various ERP and Financial applications provides a seamless flow of information. An integrated system supports a coordinated control of a complete operation from one PC. This includes all of the rich features found in each system, such as:  complete plant control, ticketing, invoicing, business management, inventory, accounts receivable, auto ID, multiple methods of data transfer, dispatching plus many other options available for complete plant and business management. This dramatically increases the efficiency of all operations. It also eliminates the need for additional PC’s for converting and transmitting data, plus costly interface schemes between multiple software suppliers and additional personnel required for managing data.

WEM Analytics - Asphalt
Business Intelligence System (BIS)

WEM's BIS takes integration to the next level connecting all your plants to a central server enabling the use of real-time to make data based decisions.

The powerful WEM Business Intelligence System (BIS) tool is used to collect, display and manage specific production information from all plant locations at one single point.

Production data, customer and job totals, truck haul times, material usage and inventory, current silo inventory plus an abundance of other operational data provide details of an entire operation at your fingertips.

Asphalt Process Control - Asphalt Plant 1

The power of .NET technology enables easy access from any location, such as the paving site, office, or on the road, through your smart phone. Reporting features display management information by date range, specific jobs, material, mix, plus other critical data by specific plant, or all plants combined.

Whether you're the operations manager, the paving foreman, purchasing manager or accountant, single point access is provided for up to the minute operational data to maximize operations, maintain accurate inventory, minimize waste and improve the bottom line!

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