Pet Food WEM TT-3



WEM TT-3™ is our highest level of traceability software and is tailored for the highest requirements of lot code tracking for premix Feed Mills, Pet Food and Food production.

The software includes all of the features of WEM TT-2™ and advanced inventory controls with the ability to track individual bags of material throughout the warehouse and manufacturing plant floor.

The system supports FIFO inventory systems and management of expiration dates of certain materials. Standard and custom interface and full integration with ERP systems is available to save time in conducting cycle counts and physical inventory.

"WEM Automation has a number of existing ERP interfaces that will meet your needs. WEM software engineers can also write a custom interface."

Standard Features Include:


  • Trace ingredients and production lots
  • Trace forward and backward
  • Bioterrorism Act Compliant. Supports FSMA regulations
  • Track commingled lots automatically
  • Standard interface to ERP and MES systems
  • Hand Add directs what material to pull from inventory, where to find,  transacts the pull, stages the material
  • Hand Add prompt provides direction of what ingredients, how much to use, and tracks lot codes used for traceability
  • Bar code scanning of incoming materials, bag or placard, and location
  • Bar code scanning of commonly used commands to eliminate typing
  • Bar Code Receiving, read vendor or mill generated bar codes
  • Bar code micro-ingredient control
  • Bar code hand add control
  • Trace expiration date and provide alarm if older material is available
  • Provides inventory tracking inside the plant (understand current inventory balance, cycle counts, physical inventory, reconciliation, variance tracking)
  • Ability to move material/bags from one location to another
  • Bar Code tracking of every bag with unique identifier or pallets of items using placard identifier
  • WEM Mobile Solutions compatible
  • Bar code tracking for each inventory location
  • Supports FIFO
  • Manage expiration dates of certain ingredients
  • Tracking of material/bags throughout the plant (material + location)
  • Standard and custom interfaces

For More Details:

Contact us for more information on the WEM4000 Pet Food Traceability Control System.

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