Pet Food WEM TT-1



Traceability does not need to be complex.  That is why WEM offers its’ entry level Track and Trace Module, TT-1™.

Designed for integrated and market Pet Food facilities, with simple manual entry or interfaces to standard ERP systems.

Standard Features Include:


  • Trace ingredients and production lots
  • Trace forward and backward
  • Bioterrorism Act Compliant
  • Supports FSMA regulations
  • Track commingled lots automatically
  • Standard interface to ERP and MES systems
  • Hand Add directs what material to pull from inventory, where to find,  transacts the pull, stages the material
  • Hand Add prompt provides direction of what ingredients, how much to use, and tracks lot codes used for Traceability

"Intelligent lot code tracking is used to ensure product quality, along with useful tools such as mock recalls for internal audits and process verification."

For More Details:

Contact us for more information on the WEM4000 Pet Food Traceability Control System.

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