Asphalt RFID Truck Tracking

WEM utilizes the latest RFID technology to drive operational



RFID Truck Tracking

Radio-frequency identification or (RFID) is the latest technology to be employed by the asphalt industry.  The RFID tags contain electronically stored information. Unlike a barcode, the RFID tags need not be in line of sight of the reader, allowing the tags to be embedded in the truck. The RFID tags contain unique information for each vehicle such as Truck Identification Numbers (both Company and DOT), Company Name, and License Plate  Number.

Asphalt Loadout with Truck RFID



RFID Readers located at the plant can collect this information as the truck passes the reader and then use that information to enter that data for a number of different operations, such as opening facility access gates, issuing tickets, activating display boards, traffic lights, receiving, and loadouts.

The goal of using this technology is to enable further automation of the entire process of receiving and loadout.

RFID does not require line of sight and can be
read over long distances to eliminate the need
for drivers to leave their trucks.

Key Benefits:

  • Eliminates clerical errors and data entry.
  • Keeps drivers in their trucks, improving safety
  • Increases the throughput of trucks per day
  • Reduces overheads to staff entry points and clerical work
  • Reduces loadout/ticketing error.

For More Details:

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