Asphalt Cold Feed Control


The WEM4000 Asphalt Cold Feed Control can be tailored to meet all aspects of the blending process in a batch plant.

The WEM4000 Cold Feed Control incorporates many of the advanced features found in our Drum Control. Each system is tailored to specific plant specifications with the flexibility to change as future plant needs arise, such as adding a mixing drum for a combination plant.

Customizable reports display the precise status of material usage and inventory. Process trending enables pinpoint monitoring and management of mix quality.

Standard Features Include:


  • Six (6) Cold Feeders and two (2) RAP Feeders
  • PLC Sequence Control and Interlocking
  • Advanced processing for unsurpassed accuracy
  • Automatic Multi-Point Calibration for optimum plant efficiency
  • Simple yet advanced graphics and control for maximum ease of use
  • Unparalleled mix quality
  • 'On the Fly' mix and rate changes for maximum efficiency and minimum waste

As with all WEM systems, remote access, communications utilities and 24/7 superior service are standard.

The WEM4000 controls are PC/PLC based systems with standard off-the-shelf parts providing maximum uptime and productivity.

Options Include:


  • Additional cold feeders and RAP feeders
  • Tachometers with connectors
  • Advanced processing for unsurpassed accuracy
Click on the image for a closer look.
Click on the image for a closer look.

For More Details:

Contact us for more information on the WEM4000 Asphalt Cold Feed Control System.

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