Asphalt BIS


WEM's BIS takes integration to the next level, connecting all your plants to a central server enabling the user of real-time data to make data-based decisions.

The powerful WEM Business Intelligence System (BIS) tool is used to collect, display and manage specific production information from all plant locations at one single point.

Production data, customer and job totals, truck haul times, material usage and inventory, current silo inventory plus an abundance of other operational data provide details of an entire operation at your fingertips.

The power of .NET technology enables easy access from any location, such as the paving site, office, or on the road, through your smartphone. Reporting features display management information by date range, specific jobs, material, mix, plus other critical data by a specific plant, or all plants combined.

Whether you’re the operations manager, the paving foreman, purchasing manager or accountant, single point access is provided for up to the minute operational data to maximize operations, maintain accurate inventory, minimize waste and improve the bottom line!


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