Performance Enhancements:

WEM4000 Series
Safe Feed Bio Terrorism

Traceability Module

  • Trace ingredient and production lots in minutes.
  • Quarantine recalled lots with a mouse click.
  • Track commingled lots automatically.
  • Trace forward and backward effortlessly.
  • Bioterrorism Act compliant.

The WEM4000 Traceability Module is the answer for any “track and trace” dilemma. Ever since guidelines for Bioterrorism Act compliance were first published, feed manufacturers have been partnering with WEM to deliver simple, effective and accurate lot tracking solutions. The WEM4000 Traceability Module tracks individual ingredient lots from the point of entry into the mill to the delivery truck and/or farm bin. Forward and backward tracing of both individual ingredient lots and finished feed production lots is easily accomplished and in record time. Mock recalls completed by WEM clients provides proof that lots can be traced in minutes with the WEM4000 Traceability Module rather than hours or days. When an unfortunate event such as a recall occurs, a simple click of the mouse will direct  the WEM4000 Traceability Module to quarantine individual lots and all finished feed containing the recalled lot, AUTOMATICALLY. The WEM4000 Traceability Module can be an integral part of any of the WEM4000 Process Control Modules to yield unequalled documentation, traceability, and feed safety peace of mind.

Hand adds Prompting and Micro-ingredient Management System

Typical Hand Adds Prompting Screen

Wireless Handheld Prompting and Simultaneous Batch Alarm Acknowledgement

Bar code scanner for lot tracking ingredients and bags

WEM Automation LLC is the leader in Hand adds Prompting and Management systems. WEM produced its first hand adds prompting and check weighing system, including bar code reading of raw material bags and hand adds containers (tubs) in 1983 for a major premix manufacturer. Since that time WEM has continued to enhance the system to include wireless connectivity options and a fully integrated lot tracing system. With the WEM4000 hand adds prompting system you can rest assured that the correct materials were scanned into the system. Lot numbers are carefully recorded and that the inventory of raw ingredients and pre-manufactured hand adds are accurately accounted for instantaneously.

This option for the WEM4000 batching system allows hand adds to be made in advance and/or made at the time a batch is being made. The hand adds prompting system will work on orders, even if the order has not been batched yet. This allows the hand adds to be prepared in advance. All hand adds made in advance are inventoried for future use. They are also lot coded for precise and accurate traceability. The system handles multiple lot code for an ingredient.

  • PC-based bar code system assures and documents exact hand-adds and individual amounts added to every batch of feed
  • Actual weights are recorded and shown on the batching documentation
  • Automatic safety checks prevent the addition of wrong material or wrong amount of material
  • Automatic inventory and history for all ingredients
  • Meets or exceeds Track and Trace requirements

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Bar Code Scanner

WEM uses bar code reading and tag printing as well as RFID for numerous applications in the feed mill. 

Receiving – WEM can read vendor bar codes directly into the system for lot code tracking or can print bar codes for application to pallets, bags, and bulk bags. These can be used during inventory reconciliation to assure accurate accounting and inventory control.

Micro-ingredient Control – WEM can use bar codes to control access to micron-ingredient bins. This helps to assure the correct micro-ingredient goes into the correct bin.

Hand Adds – The WEM hand adds prompting and check weighing system can scan bar codes on bags or other containers to help assure the correct material is being added.

Shipping – Bar codes can be printed on labels or tickets to assure lot code and other key information is available for every material shipped. Additionally bar codes can be used to read the truck compartment below the feed discharge point. This assures the correct feed is going into the correct compartment of the truck.

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