Production enhancers:

  • Moisture control
  • Expander control
  • Unattended operations
  • Automatic alarming to remote locations including cell phones
  • Automatic sequencing of source and destination bins
  • PDA
  • WEM Whiteboard
  • Key Performance Indicators

WEM4000 Series

  • Optimize Pellet Mill Operations
  • Improve Pellet Quality
  • Detect Wet and Dry Chokes
  • Decrease Choke Recovery Times
  • Track and Trace software assures compliance with the Bio-Terrorism Act of 2002
  • Include downstream liquid application
  • Medicated interlocking and sequencing assures no cross contamination

The WEM4000 Pelleting control automates all aspects of the pelleting process. This includes source and destination routing, liquid application at the mill or at downstream applicators, medicated interlocking, sequencing and advanced cooler control.

The sophisticated algorithms used to prevent choking of the pellet mill while maintaining optimal productivity will increase efficiency and bottom line. Pellet quality and consistency will be improved and pellet fines will be reduced.

Eliminate cross contamination of finished feed with the medicated interlocking and sequencing feature. Flushing of the system can be automatically accommodated to assure product quality.

Trace and trace software is fully integrated with the batching and finished feed shipping modules to assure all records are accurate.

WEM Automation LLC delivers the technology, software solutions and service to meet all your pelleting needs.


The WEM PDA will communicate wirelessly to the WEM4000 Batching System, Hand adds System and to the Wonderware GUI. The WEM PDA batch alarm software enables an operator to accept or retry batch alarms, pause and resume production runs, plus hold and release scales and mixers.

The PDA can be used to acknowledge alarms, prompt for hand adds additions and is also able to display pelleting alarms. The PDA includes an audible sound on the PDA to indicate the presence of an alarm. The system is compatible with industrial and non-industrial wireless networks. The software program can be installed on a PDA running Windows CE 5.00 or higher.

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WEM WhiteBoard

Every feed mill has a “white board” to show what materials are in the bins. Typically these are manually updated and are a potential source of errors that may cause cross contamination of ingredients or finished feed. Now the WEM white board will accurately display the materials and the amount for any bin. This can be displayed on any computer for instant access and maximum convenience. All displays are instantly refreshed and accurate within seconds of a bin change.

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Key Performance Indicators

The Right Way To Run Your Feed Mill

  • Optimize your processes for performance, productivity and quality
  • Troubleshoot equipment that is under performing
  • Monitor your plant functions to assure continuing superior performance

WEM’s Key Performance Indicators module is the feed industry’s most advanced tool to help monitor and analyze plant performance. The comprehensive Library of Charts cover a wide range of key productivity, quality and performance measurements. The Key Performance Indicators application contains a “drill down” feature to find the root cause of a problem. This program reviews data from multiple aspects to gain appropriate insight into the factors affecting plant efficiency.

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