WEM4000 Series

  • Driver Operated Loadout Optimizes Labor
  • Delivery System Interface Reduces Data Entry
  • Track and Trace From Mill To Farm Bin
  • Medicated Sequencing For Trucks
  • Decrease Loading Time
  • Prevent Loading Errors

The WEM4000 Loadout  application has proven to load trucks faster and more accurately than any other system while maintaining exacting accuracy.

The highly configurable system can be designed for operation by either truck drivers or loadout operators to meet a wide range of unique requirements. This application accepts orders from a feed order and delivery system, locally entered orders or entry of orders “on the fly” by the truck driver.

WEM maintains standard interfaces for all common feed order systems or can provide custom interfaces.

Stored transaction records are generated as well as detailed ticketing that include all information required to meet the commercial and regulatory requirements. This includes track and trace as required by the Bio-Terrorism Act of 2002.

The medicated interlocking assures that non-compatible loads do not follow each other. Truck flushing and sequencing feeds prevent cross contamination. Additionally the system can be configured to automatically load the oldest feed first.

WEM Automation LLC delivers the technology, software solutions and service to meet all your loadout needs.

Bag Label Printers

  • Save time and labor
  • Labels are clearly printed
  • Lot numbers are automatically printed
  • Integrates with the track and trace recordation

WEM4000 systems are now available with a label printer for sample bag label generation. This feature eliminates the concern about getting the correct information on a sample bag. Additionally the WEM traceability software enables source code entry to trace the source of all ingredients and document every load of feed delivered. This printer will automatically and accurately provide detailed sample labels in the receiving area for all ingredients, in batching for all mixed feeds, in pelleting for each pellet run or sample and in loadout, for each order or for each truck. Easily affixed to sample bags these labels eliminate the problems associated with hand written labels or hand writing on the bags. The WEM4000 system supports multiple printers located anywhere in a plant.

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Wireless Mobile Computers

WEM’s wireless control provides the opportunity to monitor and manually control all aspects of a plant. Features include the ability to start and stop motors and operate all the gates, turnheads and valves. Bump motors and inch legs from anywhere in the plant. This unit is active with the WEM Maintenance mode of operation and will save thousands of dollars when doing plant maintenance or start ups.

This wireless control is also used in operations (particularly dairy feeds) that use loaders to batch into a mixer on load cells. The loader operator never needs to leave the loader to produce feed. On-board prompting assures the correct ingredients are used and records the exact quantities. Batch reports and other detailed reports are included with this package.

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Bar Code Scanner

WEM uses bar code reading and tag printing as well as RFID for numerous applications in the feed mill. 

Receiving – WEM can read vendor bar codes directly into the system for lot code tracking or can print bar codes for application to pallets, bags, and bulk bags. These can be used during inventory reconciliation to assure accurate accounting and inventory control.

Micro-ingredient Control – WEM can use bar codes to control access to micron-ingredient bins. This helps to assure the correct micro-ingredient goes into the correct bin.

Hand Adds – The WEM hand adds prompting and check weighing system can scan bar codes on bags or other containers to help assure the correct material is being added.

Shipping – Bar codes can be printed on labels or tickets to assure lot code and other key information is available for every material shipped. Additionally bar codes can be used to read the truck compartment below the feed discharge point. This assures the correct feed is going into the correct compartment of the truck.

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Precision Positioning of Lorry Devices

The WEM4000 positioning system reliably indicates equipment positions within fractions of an inch of the desired position. This means that a lorry scale can quickly and automatically be precisely positioned under a bin or automatically moved to a discharge point. Shuttle conveyors can be moved to precise locations and trucks can be perfectly positioned on scales or under the lorry discharge location.

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Cameras - for all environments

The WEM4000 camera interface can be used for many viewing and recording activities throughout the feed mill. The pictures can be displayed on the main system monitor or on multiple monitors simultaneously. Data can be captured and recorded electronically.

In receiving or loadout, pictures of the truck sides with their names and pictures of the truck license numbers can be viewed, recorded, digitized and stored with transaction records. This permanent record helps track all truck activity in your facility.

Video can be used to view inside of truck compartments, approaching vehicles, plant areas or hundreds of other uses.

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RFID Tag reading

  • Read rail car identification on the move
  • Identify trucks automatically on the move
  • Avoid costly and inaccurate manual entry
  • Speed loading and unloading of trucks and rail cars
  • Identify vehicles for unattended receiving and loadout

WEM4000 system interface with various RFID scanners to automatically identify railroad cars or trucks. Rail car vendor and weight information can automatically be retrieved and used as part of the electronic transition record.

Trucks delivering material to the plant can automatically be identified. This is recorded and transmitted to the accounting system to make sure that the proper accounts are credited with the correct amounts.

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WEM WhiteBoard

Every feed mill has a “white board” to show what materials are in the bins. Typically these are manually updated and are a potential source of errors that may cause cross contamination of ingredients or finished feed. Now the WEM white board will accurately display the materials and the amount for any bin. This can be displayed on any computer for instant access and maximum convenience. All displays are instantly refreshed and accurate within seconds of a bin change.

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Key Performance Indicators

The Right Way To Run Your Feed Mill

  • Optimize your processes for performance, productivity and quality
  • Troubleshoot equipment that is under performing
  • Monitor your plant functions to assure continuing superior performance

WEM’s Key Performance Indicators module is the feed industry’s most advanced tool to help monitor and analyze plant performance. The comprehensive Library of Charts cover a wide range of key productivity, quality and performance measurements. The Key Performance Indicators application contains a “drill down” feature to find the root cause of a problem. This program reviews data from multiple aspects to gain appropriate insight into the factors affecting plant efficiency.

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