Experience is what makes the difference.

Dedicated to your profitability the WEM4000 Feed Mill Control system offers a technologically advanced, yet simple to use solution for all feed mill automation needs.

The WEM4000 system architecture makes use of all of the positive aspects of today's PC/PLC systems. PCs are used extensively for the operator interface, data management and plant monitoring while proven rugged and reliable Allen-Bradley PLCs are used for all real-time process control. The software backbone is a SQL Server Database capable of interfacing with all formulation software and corporate ERP or MIS systems.

Single processes or the most complex full mill application are controlled by the WEM4000 system. By optimizing all processes the WEM4000 system maximizes productivity, minimizes labor, and increases product quality. Separate WEM4000 control modules for Receiving, Grinding, Flaking, Batching, Pelleting, Coating and Loadout are availablefor economical system expansion.

The WEM4000 Traceability Module delivers plant wide production tracking and lot code tracing with just a few simple mouse clicks. This is an essential element for complying with the Bioterrorism Act of 2002.

For the commercial feed mill, the integrator, the pet food plant or anything in between, the WEM4000 Automation System offers tomorrows solutions today.