WEM4000 Series

  • Maximize Productivity
  • Increase Accuracy
  • Eliminate Sequencing Errors
  • Reduce Labor
  • Track and Trace All Ingredients

The WEM4000 Batching automation optimizes production, accuracy and quality by utilizing time tested software that is the result of decades of product evolution.

The system may include a simple to use ingredient and production lot code traceability tracking feature for both forward and backward reporting to help meet the demands of the Bio-terrorism Act of 2002.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) track and help analyze plant' performance.

Trends by ingredient, formula, bin, shift, week, month and tens of other measures can be identified at the click of a button. Was the problem solved? Has the problem reoccurred? How well is your plant performing? All these questions and more are answered with WEM’s KPI solution.

The formulated ingredient substitution feature supports the substitution of selected materials, guaranteeing on-time delivery of orders with the exact nutrition specified.

WEM Automation LLC delivers the technology, software solutions and service to meet all your batching and mixing needs.

Hand adds Prompting and Micro-ingredient Management System

Typical Hand Adds Prompting Screen

Wireless Handheld Prompting and Simultaneous Batch Alarm Acknowledgement

Bar code scanner for lot tracking ingredients and bags

WEM Automation LLC is the leader in Hand adds Prompting and Management systems. WEM produced its first hand adds prompting and check weighing system, including bar code reading of raw material bags and hand adds containers (tubs) in 1983 for a major premix manufacturer. Since that time WEM has continued to enhance the system to include wireless connectivity options and a fully integrated lot tracing system. With the WEM4000 hand adds prompting system you can rest assured that the correct materials were scanned into the system. Lot numbers are carefully recorded and that the inventory of raw ingredients and pre-manufactured hand adds are accurately accounted for instantaneously.

This option for the WEM4000 batching system allows hand adds to be made in advance and/or made at the time a batch is being made. The hand adds prompting system will work on orders, even if the order has not been batched yet. This allows the hand adds to be prepared in advance. All hand adds made in advance are inventoried for future use. They are also lot coded for precise and accurate traceability. The system handles multiple lot code for an ingredient.

  • PC-based bar code system assures and documents exact hand-adds and individual amounts added to every batch of feed
  • Actual weights are recorded and shown on the batching documentation
  • Automatic safety checks prevent the addition of wrong material or wrong amount of material
  • Automatic inventory and history for all ingredients
  • Meets or exceeds Track and Trace requirements

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Bag Label Printers

  • Save time and labor
  • Labels are clearly printed
  • Lot numbers are automatically printed
  • Integrates with the track and trace recordation

WEM4000 systems are now available with a label printer for sample bag label generation. This feature eliminates the concern about getting the correct information on a sample bag. Additionally the WEM traceability software enables source code entry to trace the source of all ingredients and document every load of feed delivered. This printer will automatically and accurately provide detailed sample labels in the receiving area for all ingredients, in batching for all mixed feeds, in pelleting for each pellet run or sample and in loadout, for each order or for each truck. Easily affixed to sample bags these labels eliminate the problems associated with hand written labels or hand writing on the bags. The WEM4000 system supports multiple printers located anywhere in a plant.

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Wireless Mobile Computers

WEM’s wireless control provides the opportunity to monitor and manually control all aspects of a plant. Features include the ability to start and stop motors and operate all the gates, turnheads and valves. Bump motors and inch legs from anywhere in the plant. This unit is active with the WEM Maintenance mode of operation and will save thousands of dollars when doing plant maintenance or start ups.

This wireless control is also used in operations (particularly dairy feeds) that use loaders to batch into a mixer on load cells. The loader operator never needs to leave the loader to produce feed. On-board prompting assures the correct ingredients are used and records the exact quantities. Batch reports and other detailed reports are included with this package.

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WEM WhiteBoard

Every feed mill has a “white board” to show what materials are in the bins. Typically these are manually updated and are a potential source of errors that may cause cross contamination of ingredients or finished feed. Now the WEM white board will accurately display the materials and the amount for any bin. This can be displayed on any computer for instant access and maximum convenience. All displays are instantly refreshed and accurate within seconds of a bin change.

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Key Performance Indicators

The Right Way To Run Your Feed Mill

  • Optimize your processes for performance, productivity and quality
  • Troubleshoot equipment that is under performing
  • Monitor your plant functions to assure continuing superior performance

WEM’s Key Performance Indicators module is the feed industry’s most advanced tool to help monitor and analyze plant performance. The comprehensive Library of Charts cover a wide range of key productivity, quality and performance measurements. The Key Performance Indicators application contains a “drill down” feature to find the root cause of a problem. This program reviews data from multiple aspects to gain appropriate insight into the factors affecting plant efficiency.

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The WEM PDA will communicate wirelessly to the WEM4000 Batching System, Hand adds System and to the Wonderware GUI. The WEM PDA batch alarm software enables an operator to accept or retry batch alarms, pause and resume production runs, plus hold and release scales and mixers.

The PDA can be used to acknowledge alarms, prompt for hand adds additions and is also able to display pelleting alarms. The PDA includes an audible sound on the PDA to indicate the presence of an alarm. The system is compatible with industrial and non-industrial wireless networks. The software program can be installed on a PDA running Windows CE 5.00 or higher.

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