WEM4000 Pro Series
Remote Printer Systems

  • Streamline Traffic Throughput
  • Eliminates Drive Safety Concerns
  • Standard Components Available Locally
  • Allows Operator to Focus On Plant

WEM Automation, LLC understands your operations. You need to have operators running the plant, drivers staying in their vehicles, and minimal printer problems. All of these affect your ability to run an efficient and safe yard and operation. Our remote printing capabilities will dramatically improve the speed and throughput of your operations and also improve the safety by keeping drivers in their trucks and out of the control house. Signatures, cameras, and many other options that WEM provides can eliminate the need for any interaction between the plant and the drivers.

The custom built remote printer enclosure is designed to house either a thermal or laser printer. When installed at cab height, the driver may pick up the scale ticket after weighing or loading without leaving the vehicle. The enclosure is constructed of industrial steel and comes standard with a heater and cooling fan system. The use of old fashion vacuum tubes are a thing of the past.

The laser printer option is the most common due to the availability of replacement printers and the standard paper options. These are rear discharge printers designed to drop the ticket into a conveniently located tray. This tray is protected from the elements and provides easy access for the drivers. The laser printer option also allows for the use of perforated standard size paper for multiple copies on a single sheet of paper. These can be color coded for easy identification by the driver.