WEM4000 Pro Series
JWS Interface/Integration Software

The WEM Automation LLC application solution includes the benefits of a very successful joint venture between WEM Automation LLC and JWS Corporation. Like WEM, JWS has been on the forefront of the industry for many years and supports thousands of installations throughout North America. The asphalt industry has been in need of systems capable of managing complete plant control plus all aspects of business management. As the most technically advanced companies in these fields, WEM and JWS have been the only ones capable of such an endeavor.

The design flexibility of WEM’s Pro Series of controls and JWS’s acclaimed APEX system has enabled the successful merger of these two powerful applications. This joint system provides the coordinated control of a complete operation from one PC. This includes all of the rich features found in each system, such as  complete plant control, ticketing, invoicing, business management, inventory, accounts receivable, auto ID, multiple methods of data transfer, dispatching plus many other options available for complete plant and business management. This advancement dramatically increases the efficiency of all operations. It also eliminates the need for additional PC’s for converting and transmitting data, plus costly interface schemes between multiple vendors and additional personnel required for managing data from multiple data types are not needed.

With this option the user is invited to join forces with the two most advanced and successful companies in the industry. In addition, the unsurpassed service provided by both companies will ensure reliable and efficient operation of the entire facility for years to come.


  • Remote Ticketing
  • Camera Integration
  • Business Systems Integration
  • Business Intelligence Server
  • Silo Loadout Automation
  • Batch Plant Automation
  • Drum Plant Automation