WEM4000 Pro Series
Complete Control Houses

WEM Automation LLC provides a full range of services to the asphalt industry. In addition to technologically advanced automation and data integration services, WEM also provides complete control houses and motor control centers (MCC). These products can be provided individually or as complete packages.

Control houses can be designed to meet exacting specifications that may include stationary, portable, single level, split level, large or small. WEM will provide the best fit for any plant design. Control houses include all electrical needs, lighting, air handling units, transformers and cabinets as needed. Each control house is constructed of quality steel frames and siding employing a wide range of colors to best match your plant and improve the aesthetics of your facility.

Motor control centers include everything needed to control all motors and devices. This includes all variable speed drives, soft starts and disconnects as needed. Main circuit breakers, electronic overloads and auto/manual switches are included with each system as needed.

WEM uses only the highest quality brand names, or will provide specific brands per your request. If ordered with a control house, the MCC will be completely installed. Bottom entry MCC’s and floor trays allow easy access to all wiring. Main and ground buses are provided and linked as needed.

If the advanced WEM4000 Pro Series automation system is included, the entire control house will be pre-wired and ready to go upon delivery.

WEM Automation LLC continues to be the one stop shop for new and retrofit plant control needs.


  • Camera Integration
  • Drum Plant Automation
  • Batch Plant Automation
  • Silo Loadout Automation
  • Truck Scale Management
  • Full Plant Control
  • Business Systems Integration
  • Business Intelligence Server
  • JWS Command Partnership