WEM4000 Pro Series
Camera Integration

  • Resolve Order Disputes
  • Monitor Live Plant Activity
  • No More Signatures Needed

The WEM4000 camera interface can be used for many viewing and recording activities throughout the plant. The pictures can be displayed on the main system monitor or on multiple monitors simultaneously. Data can be captured and recorded electronically.

For ticketing, pictures of the truck sides with their names and pictures of the truck license numbers can be viewed, recorded, digitized and stored with transaction records. This permanent record helps track all truck activity in your facility and resolve order disputes.

Video can be used to view inside of truck compartments, approaching vehicles, plant areas or hundreds of other uses.


  • Business Systems Integration
  • Business Intelligence Server
  • JWS Command Partnership
  • Silo Loadout Automation
  • Truck Scale Management
  • Batch Plant Automation
  • Drum Plant Automation