WEM4000 Pro Series
Business Systems Integration

  • Superior Data Integration
  • ODBC Compliant
  • Easy To Use Utilities
  • Included With Every System

WEM Automation LLC has been providing seamless integration to business management systems for decades.

The design of the WEMSpeak utility software enables the user to create bi-directional communications to a wide variety of office systems for instant billing, inventory management, customer status plus other critical operations information.

This powerful tool enables the user to choose the data fields, delimiters, direction, and scheduling of key plant, business, and transaction data.

Even better, this powerful tool is included with every system. Why pay huge fees for transferring data every time your business software changes?

If a more custom application is needed, WEM software engineers are experienced in the most demanding of data acquisition and distribution to meet those needs.

Please see our WEM Business Intelligence Server for another great tool for multiple plant integration.

Let WEM help streamline your operations and maximize your efficiency and profitability!

Business Systems Integration


  • Business Intelligence Server
  • JWS Command Partnership
  • Silo Loadout Automation
  • Batch Plant Automation
  • Drum Plant Automation
  • Remote Ticketing
  • Camera Integration