WEM is recognized around the world as the premier provider
of innovative control and data integration solutions.

The WEM Automation LLC team is the premier supplier of precision process controls and data acquisition. Serving client needs since 1955, we have provided cost effective solutions for customers as small as individual facilities to the largest corporations in the world. WEM Automation LLC is recognized around the world as the leading supplier of control systems for feed and grain, ethanol, aggregate, concrete, asphalt, food, pet food, wood processing and other industries. Specializing in world class process control solutions that support integration to your business systems, our product provides cost effective management of your organization with up to the minute communication of all of your plant's business and production activities.

We Maximize our understanding of your business to:
» Identify ways to improve your productivity
» Provide solutions that increase efficiency
» Minimize downtime to maximize your profits

Experience is what makes the difference.
» Superior 24/7 Service and Support
» Unsurpassed Accuracy
» Optimum Efficiency
» Unparalleled Data Integration Capabilities